The Sleepwalker


The title on this one is the only dead give away as to what is really going on in this painting.  It was inspired by my mum.  She told me an uncle of hers would sleepwalk, head downstairs and turn the kettle on.  Her mum had to follow him every time to turn it off.  It’s such a funny yet serious story, so I tried to capture it.  I used bold colors (not much mixing) to create a bit more dramatic mood, yet tried to keep it bright and warm to be a comfortable piece.  Thanks mum for the rich story!

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Deserted Roots


This painting was influenced by Jerry Yarnell after reading a landscape book of his.  I didn’t really know where to begin, so, I started by doing what I like… color.  The background screamed desert to me, perfect for rocks…wink wink.  It was missing something.  Desert, rocks… tree!  I found this picture I had taken at the Grand Canyon years ago and thought, viola!  The tree… of knowledge.  Then, the rest fell in place.  This painting reminds me to remember who I am and to come back to my roots.

“In the calmest of weather, even the strongest roots can feel weak.”

A.J. Edwards

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